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Photo of custom designed kitchen laid over the top of architectual drawing of custom designed kitcen.

“These are plans conceptualized to create the layout of a house. This is considered the most essential part of the design process, wherein a creative functional solution is produced to meet all of your specifications.”

Conceptual Design Drawings

Conceptual plans are planning only. However, these plans may be used as models for permit/construction document sets (they do not constitute buildable plans). This option is a good idea for the following individuals:

• Individuals who want to visualize new house ideas on paper first and
then decide how much a project will cost before moving ahead with
construction drawings.
• Individuals who don’t plan to build new houses right away, but would
like to start developing. It can be thought of as design ahead of time.
• Individuals applying for construction loans and need to submit general
house plans to financial institutions.
• Individuals who want to obtain initial, new house project prices from
• Individuals who want to start slowly and visualize their new house
before making commitments to builders’ plans.


These plans come with CAD-drafted floor plans and CAD-drafted front elevation.