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William p.
Architectural Services

In all my years in the construction industry, Designtime was without a doubt one of the most professional companies I have worked with. Great to work with, a quick response to all my comments and questions, and easily explains to me the reason why. I highly recommend this company for any of your future construction projects.

Michael 0.

It was a great experience working with Michael at Designtime. We designed a floor plan which we liked for our dream home and Michael was very efficient drawing it up in CAD, with all elevations. The process was very simple and fast, even with the changes we had along the way. Michael supplied us with a variety of ready to print PDF’s which we used for the permitting process.

Mohammad M.
Architectural Services

I worked with him on floor plan design for constructing a new house. His work was excellent and he provided me with a sealed document which will help to get city permits

Ryan S.
3D Modeling

I employed Mike to produce new residential plans for our dream home. I hired him due to the great level of communication and commitment he presented.